The Venice Charter & the Strategy Model

The screen-shaped strategy model is the attempt to widen the principles of conservation and restoration in the Charter of Venice by rules of constructing in the historical context and to construe them methodologically and spiritually as parts of a paramount universal acting system which meets its pictorial equivalent in a concise diagram.


Starting point of the image search for this order is the Aristotelian led assumption that the entirety of term reality, despite all semantic fuzziness even in the case of dealing with monuments -both in the mind form of a semantic cloud (cf. Semantics) as well as in the daily practice- is supposed to be reduced to a genuinely simple, very own to her and obvious model.


In the system developed here Conservation, Restoration, Exchange (Renovation), Addition and New Creation form the five cornerstones par excellence in dealing with historic fabric and spread a screen (fr. écran, also = shelter), which is been designed to depict individually the principles and results of a construction in existing fabric in a kind of fingerprint (see Examples).


Preserving, consolidating-continuing, converting, adding and constructing new buildings represent the five architectural parameters of an endlessly recurring natural principle in accordance with which fabric worthy of protection is preserved and transfered as well as altered and replaced by something new (Traditione!).



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